What is SMC™

SMC™ or Suprakinetics® is a revolutionary new technology born out of synergy of high end robotics and advanced software solutions.

A new paradigm in protocol design and management, allowing for advanced prevention, recovery and assessment quality.

SMC™ significantly enhances the effectiveness of all recognized treatments — from surgical to non-surgical. It is a complete clinical package, very important for any of the present options and the future of treating joints pathology.

What is Leguar™

High-end training tool. World’s first SMC™ device and an innovation in the field of high-end medical robotics intended for professionals involved with knee injuries and clinical conditions: orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists, as well as sport professionals: athletes, coaches and scientists.

It is the first efficient way for preventing injuries, decreasing the symptoms of the knee OA and improving the result of rehabilitation. Much needed tool in medical and sports environment. It supports guided and individual treatments and efficient injury prevention in professional sport and every day life.

Leguar™ offers cutting edge performance enhancement not obtainable through conventional training or rehabilitation methods.

Leguar™ Features

Discover what makes Leguar™ so unique and special training tool.

Knee Specific Design

LEGUAR™ is designed exclusively for knee treatment. No compromise is made on account of versatility, as with all other [“multi-joint”] devices. Primary function and design focus is treatment of degenerative and traumatic knee conditions, as well as pre- and post-surgical treatment.

Bilateral Function

Two precision servo motors, each dedicated to one knee, provide the basis for extremely efficient treatment. Combined with improved exercise structure and setup, this design enables maximum performance in minimum time.


Every part of LEGUAR™ is designed to maximize exercise effect and data assessment precision as well as comfort.

DLR Leg Adapter

Dynamic Linear Response, an innovation in itself, is unique to LEGUAR™. Leg support constantly adapts during movement, eliminating discomfort and unwanted radial forces on the knee joint. As a primary point of body-to-machine contact, it makes for an unmatched level of performance, comfort, assessment precision and overall user experience.


High-end components are paired with the proprietary SMC™ drive and its algorithms. This combination gives superb performance that surpasses everything known or used so far. Leguar™ closely resembles finer human motorics and it is paramount for efficiency and active safety.


Superior looks, firmly rooted in its primary purpose, make LEGUAR™ attractive and inviting for being used extensively. Serious attention to detail further differentiates this highly efficient and sophisticated tool from the rest of the field.

Know How

LEGUAR™ is backed by know-how exclusive to Suprakinetic™ technology, created by world’s leading experts. It enables users to achieve maximum gain in the shortest possible time. Highly advanced SMC™ performance covers broad spectrum of indicated knee conditions, allowing practitioners to easily integrate LEGUAR™ in their daily practice.


LEGUAR™ utilizes an intuitive human-machine interface that controls sophisticated robotic solutions in an innovative way. Twin touch displays are designed for controlled, guided, supervised or operator free use. Precise data recording with high frequency sample rate provides advanced analytic possibilities for professionals.



Huge number of degenerative and traumatic knee conditions created a serious need for a specific tool that can be efficiently used for treatment, prevention and additional diagnostics. Also, pre- and post-operative care has great influence on the outcome of surgical treatments. The loss of muscle strength and functional capacity due to trauma or some degenerative process has always represented a major problem for successful recovery. The primary objective, and challenge, is building muscle strength without putting unwanted strain to an injured joint.

Suprakinetic™ technology and LEGUAR™ significantly enhance all other types treatments and give that much needed advantage to doctors, patients and business owners.


Considering huge resources invested in professional athletes worldwide (especially team sports like football), injury prevention and top performance become the primary concern of all involved - from team managers to insurance companies. SMC™ and LEGUAR™ are much needed professional tools that can be easily integrated in everyday training regime and greatly reduce injury incidence.

Utilization of this new technology and the knowledge behind it fulfil yet another crucial need in highly competitive sport environment - pushing the boundaries of performance even further, which is the very essence of sport. Suprakinetic™ technology and LEGUAR™ were conceived and created specifically to fulfil those needs.

What the Experts Say

Mate Rimac

Founder & CEO, Rimac Automobili
The Leguar team has managed to combine important key aspects - functionality, user experience, technology and design. What many miss is that the best device is useless without an easy and fun to use user experience. The Leguar is a pleasure to look at, touch, feel and use - due to its top-notch quality, great user interface and advanced functions.

Mislav Jelić

Prof. MD Phd, Knee surgeon
Among many challenges in treating knee conditions - performing the surgery or not, the right timing, choice of technique, etc. - the crucial one is recovery: bringing the patient to the same level as before the injury or condition occurred. This makes rehabilitation equally important as the surgery itself.

Suprakinetic technology brings the recovery process to the whole new level. It carries the capacity to prevent as well as treat injuries and painful conditions, thus greatly reducing recovery time. I am extremely happy with the results of all my patients with whom we utilised Leguar in the treatment.

Ivica Kostelić

Alpine skiing champion
Reaching the top is a great challenge, especially considering many possible injuries. You have to keep searching for excellence in sport and the advantage of technological development is very important.

From today’s point of view, Suprakinetic™ technology is the first answer to specific challenges we are facing.

Recovering from a knee condition or surgery is a demanding process and Leguar™ is a very efficient tool for professional athletes, doctors and regular patients. It works really smooth, performs with excellent precision and has a vital place in both athletic and medical environment. Great software and HMI [human-machine interface] make it fun and easy to use.

in Action

Visit our showroom and experience SMC™ first hand. Whether you’re a surgeon, professional athlete, physiotherapist or simply someone interested in finding ways of taking human performance to a higher level, we guarantee this evolutionary technology will provide you with a lot of excitement.