Our Team.

Neven Kovacic & Luka Bakrac


Luka and Neven share a passion for sport, technological advancement and design. Their lifelong friendship started in competitive cycling, riding for the same team throughout their racing careers. Both of them won multiple national championships and other events, while also pursuing their academic and entrepreneurial goals - Luka in business and engineering, Neven in industrial design. Backed by highly capable team of experts, they created Bagheera and Suprakinetic technology - an important and very much needed step forward in professional sport and physical medicine. Despite their demanding work schedules, they remain athletically active and maintain high level of performance, on and off the bike.

Key Team Members

Davor Kudrna
Chief Morale Officer & Senior Partner

Davor has been a professional business consultant for the past eleven years. His expertise includes business development, consolidation of team objectives and crisis/conflict management with main focus on strategic planning, risk assessment, human relations and business negotiations. His lifelong athletic passion lies in martial arts and combat training.

Miodrag Kulas
Head of Production & Senior Partner

Miodrag was involved with this project from the early stages, developing advanced motor regulation algorithms and hardware. Through his acting role as co-founder and CEO of Kontakt electrical engineering company, he supervised numerous projects in various industry fields. A senior partner at Bagheera, Miodrag is a master in balancing joys of work with other beauties of life.

Maja Nadjaković
Head of Leguar Test Centre & Partner

Maja is the newest member of our team. Her interest is kinesiology and kinesitherapy, focusing on human performance and wellbeing. She’s an experienced entrepreneur and manager who ran both for-profit and non-profit organisations. Maja finely balances intuitive approach with scientific precision. She loves working with people and is great to work with.

Dinko Brčić
Strategic Consultant

Dinko specialises in research, strategy, brand management and new business development. His client list includes industry leaders from healthcare, energy, tourism, technology and media sectors. He focuses on brand development and implementation through visual identity and digital work. His objective is ethical and tasteful market communication.

Kristijan Knežević
Business Specialist

Kristijan has extensive managerial experience at Rimac Automobili, Greyp Bikes and Good Game Global companies, which he also helped create. He has deep understanding of technology with skill and knowledge to bring it to market. Sales, distribution and business development are his main game. He is passionate about everything he does.

Ante Parat
Senior Leguar Specialist

Ante is a gifted physiotherapist and the youngest member of our team. His love of sports is equally matched by his love and dedication to people. He joined the project immediately after graduating and quickly became a genuine Leguar expert. His main responsibility is testing comprehensive rehabilitation and training protocols. Everybody loves working and spending time with Ante.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Mislav Jelić
Knee Surgeon

Mislav’s main clinical focus is knee surgery with special scientific interest in regeneration of articular cartilage. He was the first surgeon who performed meniscus transplant and fresh osteochondral allograft transplant in Croatia while also holding several patents under his name. His work is highly regarded by peers, patients and co-workers.

Ivica Kostelić
Alpine Skiing Champion

Ivica needs no special introduction. Besides being one of the world’s best athletes and an expert in professional sport training, Ivica also underwent 14 knee surgeries. He tried and tested the best available rehabilitation methodology and equipment in major world clinics and centers of excellence. His vast knowledge is of greatest value to this project.

Mate Rimac
Innovator and Entrepreneur

Mate is the founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili - a rapidly growing company that produces electric hypercars, drivetrains and battery packs. Forbes magazine named him one of the 30 best entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the world. His enthusiasm, experience and personality go a long way.

Project Collaboration

Industrial Automation & Robotics

Kontakt Ltd is engaged in development, design and manufacturing of automation equipment for robotic systems, special machines and various production processes. The company is recognized for its quality, innovation and highly qualified personnel. It follows global trends in industrial automation through design and production of custom electronic systems (printed circuit boards) for a wide range of applications. Kontakt Ltd promotes collaboration of experts from different fields in its designs and projects.  

High Speed Technique
Precision Mechanics Specialists

HSTec is an innovative development and production company with many years of experience in the field of high-speed motorized spindles, industrial automation and robotics. The long-term vision is to contribute to the development of the new concept - Industry 4.0 on a global scale, which aims to create smart products and factories by integrating ICT technology and digitizing different sensor systems as a path to improving the quality and efficiency of production processes.

Rimac Automobili
Electric Hypercars Technology

Rimac Automobili develops and produces electric hypercars, drivetrains and battery systems. The first model, Concept One, is known as the world's fastest production electric vehicle. While manufacturing and marketing high-performance vehicles under its own brand, Rimac Automobili also develops and produces battery packs, drivetrain systems and full vehicles for other companies. Notable partners from the industry include Porsche, Hyundai and Kia Motors.

University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

The University of Zagreb is the oldest university in South East Europe. It was officially founded on 23 September 1669 by Emperor and King Leopold I Habsburg. University’s main objectives are promoting and supporting scientific and artistic research, aiming at sustainable development, artistic creativity and professional work. All University activities promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, both essential for meaningful innovation and healthy growth.

Government SME Agency

An independent institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, the Agency is committed to growth and development of small and medium businesses by facilitating their access to finance. The main objective is strategic system that  provides support to entrepreneurs through all development stages of operation, starting from research and development of an idea to commercialization and placement on the market.